We don’t often review software, but it was almost unavoidable in this case – the Zune desktop software is an inseparable part of the Windows Phone 7 experience. Since we already have a couple of WP7 phone reviews under our belt, we decided it was time we looked into the role your computer plays in owning a Windows Phone 7 mobile.

The Zune Software started off as the computer sync software for Microsoft’s Zune player – basically, it’s what iTunes is to the iPod. Its functionality was extended as new Zune-capable devices were added, like the ill-fated KIN phones and now Windows Phone 7 devices.

Microsoft made a few decisions that practically mean you need to install Zune when you buy a WP7 phone – it’s the only way to transfer data (photos, music, etc) between the phone and the computer.

It’s not as bad as it sounds – syncing over USB is fairly easy and you can enable Wi-Fi syncing too.

Zune Review
Zune Review
Zune Review

The Zune app has a sleek interface

But the Zune Software package is more than just a way to load up a few songs – it offers a complete multimedia experience and may just become your preferred media player on your computer.

It does anything from playing and buying songs to giving you a social arena where you can find new songs by following the artist or friends.

What it can’t do is sync your contacts and calendar – it’s not a full PC suite, it just manages the multimedia part of the equation.

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