As excellent as a lot of Google Services are, there are also a lot of illustrations of fragments or inconsistent choices. One these instance has been the inability to consist of an Android Television device, eg Tv, set-top rated box, or soundbar as a member of a Chromecast casting team.

Currently that all appears to be to be changing with the most current Beta version of Chromecast for Android Television set units (Chromecast Constructed-in) receiving an update that lets Android Television products to be additional through the Property App. We’ve tested the functionality and its daily life for us on an original NVIDIA Shield Television.

To get the update you need to be signed up for the Beta of Chromecast Constructed-in, you can not do that on an Android Tv gadget so seize a Pc and adhere to this url to be a part of. Once signed up go navigate to the engage in store on your Android Tv set product and update the app. We experienced to restart the Protect to have the selection seem in the Property app.

When your Android Television unit has the beta app you can open the Google House app, faucet on Options, scroll down to Speaker teams, Select the group you want to insert it to, scroll down and tap Chose devices and you will see you Android Tv unit stated below if it has labored for you.

Internationally the tests looks to be hit and pass up for which products it performs with and which it doesn’t, so shout out in the reviews down below when and if your Android Tv set system commences displaying up.