Wi-Fi Calling also known as VoWiFi allows you to make voice calls on your Android telephone employing Wi-Fi alternatively of the cellular networks. Where by you get that WiFi from doesn’t make a difference so substantially – it could appear from your NBN or perform broadband connection, a public WiFi hotspot, or your neighbour. Notice some general public/work hotspots may well have security functions that stop VoWifi functioning.

It is not a super interesting characteristic, but it is really impressive, specially if you reside or perform in a developing where your cell community sign is actually weak within or you have no protection at all. For you, it is superb.

Curiously if it works for you then you’ll also be equipped to deliver and obtain SMS and MMS over Wi-Fi (Vodafone/Optus only).

Voice more than WiFi has been fantastic for Chris and his spouse and children living in a valley with minimum mobile reception, they enjoy seamless mobile coverage thanks to Voice over WiFi in excess of their NBN link. Without, voice phone calls usually fall short. With, they function properly in and close to the house.

For starters Wi-Fi contacting functions best if you have a reasonably modern 4G compatible phone. Your mobile phone has to help VoLTE and VoWifi and these have to be turned on.

Some phones, primarily more mature kinds, involve the carrier’s certain software program to be installed on the cellphone – this suggests your Samsung Galaxy S9 may possibly only aid the attribute if it was a Telstra branded cellphone we’ve listened to stories of Optus branded phones not supporting the feature on Telstra and vice versa.

Of the numerous Android phones out there Samsung’s Galaxy/Notice/A products and Google Pixel phones are the most commonly suitable with Wi-Fi contacting. They have a tendency to perform these times no matter of what branding they have – your Optus sourced Samsung will practically absolutely operate on a further carrier now, while once it may not have.

Though you are on a Wi-Fi phone, if you shift out of your Wi-Fi coverage and have a 4G network signal, your get in touch with will seamlessly shift involving the Wi-Fi and 4G networks (possibly with a 2nd or so hole in audio). If you transfer into a 3G network or there is no cellular signal your Wi-Fi simply call will fall out when you leave Wi-Fi coverage.

The reverse is not essentially so if you are on a 4G / Voice above LTE connect with and go into WiFi coverage, your simply call will commonly continue over the 4G network right until its summary. Your cellular phone will then sign-up for VoWiFi just after the simply call, and use that heading ahead.

Never fret about using lots of information all through Wi-Fi calls – you’d be astonished how very little it actually utilizes. Telstra advises their Wi-Fi contacting utilizes roughly 100-120kbps of your broadband Wi-Fi upload bandwidth. For the typical NBN link which runs around 40 – 50 Mbps, that voice bandwidth is negligible.

There are no extra costs for Wi-Fi calling from any Australian cellular carrier your phone calls and SMS/MMS will be billed as for every the fees in your present cellular program/pay as you go inclusions.

The catch is in Australia the three cell phone carriers only let some of their consumers, with specified telephones use Wi-Fi contacting. None of them permit you make Wi-Fi phone calls when on holiday getaway making use of their SIM.


Telstra is the least restrictive. Wi-Fi contacting is authorized for all consumers on a program or prepaid (Strengthen prepaid customers are incorporated).

Qualified units include things like: Samsung Galaxy S6 onwards, Note 5 onwards, A5 onwards. Any Google Pixel 2 onwards, LG G5 onwards, Telstra Signature Premium & Increased equipment, Sony Xperia Z5 onwards will also perform.

You can, of training course, use virtually any Apple iOS machine operating recent program with VoWiFi it is natively supported.

Some Android smartphones never enable Telstra Wi-Fi Calling if they were being bought from a different Australian cell carrer or gray imported, then moved to utilizing a Telstra SIM.

For extra data go to the Telstra Wi-Fi calling FAQ.


Vodafone at this time limitations Wi-Fi calling to prospects on a mobile plan (i.e. postpaid). They say “we will be progressively rolling out Wi-Fi Calling to our Prepaid prospects in the around future”, but it is not here however.

Vodafone also only officially supports Wi-Fi calling on some Android telephones. For more information see their entire checklist and VoWiFi FAQ.


Like Vodafone Optus also only lets postpaid clients extend connectivity when you are out of variety of their cellular community. Optus Wi-Fi Contacting allows you make and get phone calls, MMS and SMS from your smartphone about an obtainable WiFi community relationship.

The Optus Wi-Fi contacting FAQ web page has far more information and facts. Cheekily Optus only lists the Wi-Fi call accredited phones they presently promote, with more mature types you are going to have to test and see if it performs.

Pressure your cellular phone to use VoWifi / Wi-Fi contacting

Even if your cell phone supports Wi-Fi calling and you are an eligible customer of Telstra, Optus or Vodafone, your mobile phone may well nevertheless try out and desire contacting around a cell network even if the signal is genuinely weak.

A different problem is that VoLTE and VoWifi settings are often concealed deep in mobile phone options.

Wifi Calling
Wifi Calling

Fortunately there is a absolutely free Wi-Fi contacting app which lets you help Wi-Fi contacting (if your cellphone supports it) and as a reward enables you to force your phone to get in touch with applying VoWifi first right before hoping the cell community.

It’s not the prettiest app but quite a few persons have told me it works on their Samsung telephone to force Wi-Fi contacting precedence more than mobile calls.


If you’re in a lower/no cell signal place and your mobile telephone organization allows you use VoWiFi / Wi-Fi calling, allow us know how effectively it works in the opinions and try this app to see if you can pressure your cellphone to prioritise Wi-F calling.