A QR code (swift response code) is a two dimensional bar code that is made up of black squares arranged in a grid on a white track record.

They are incredibly equivalent to bar codes but are two dimensional and can contain a lot much more information and facts.

They can be read through by a QR scanner or reader and have info like generation information,net addresses, electronic mail,product setup info and so forth.

You can even obtain them on walking trails –Web site QRcodes and unpredicted Mountaineering asset and for storing your medical info.

On Android telephones and tablets you will need a machine equipped with a digicam and a QR Reader App.

Getting a QR Reader or Scanner

Because of the escalating use of QR codes A QR Code reader APP is a person of the have to have Apps on your Android cellphone or tablet.

To get an APP just go to the perform retailer and look for for QR reader:


You may possibly want to obtain a couple and see which one you desire as some are a great deal simpler to use than others.

Making QR codes

There are quite a few online internet websites that let you produce QR codes for absolutely free.

The QR code on this web page was developed using qrcode-monkey.com site.

The dimension the QR code needs to be relies upon on the distance among the QR code and the digital camera performing the scanning. A QR code showing in a magazine can can scanned from a quick variety and so can be tiny. See this short article for much more details

Applying QR codes

This online video demonstrates you how to use QR codes and points out some probable uses:


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