Sandship, developer Rockbite Games’ sci-fi manufacturing facility sim, has released a working day early for iOS and Android. It’s established in a post-apocalyptic desert and sees you controlling the last remaining sandship in existence.

This imposing mega-manufacturing facility roams the desert like a metallic king but continue to demands to be looked just after if it truly is to carry on along on its limitless journey. Lucky for you, you’ve awoken in a land of peculiar ruins, in which the forgotten know-how of an historic, innovative civilisation can be discovered.

Naturally, you may use no matter what you stumble on to your benefit, upgrading your ship together the way with ever far more extraordinary tech. I ought to in all probability mention about now that you can find also a vicious cult hellbent on your destruction. I suppose there requires to be some speedy conflict for you to deal with, following all.

You will invest most of your time planning factories from the ground up, building use of chemical mixers, ice guns, and synthesizers to preserve things running smoothly. The improved your gadgets, the increased your automatic productivity, so it can be all about putting in the function, upgrading the necessities, and acquiring extra scientific study from the ancient earlier.

Trusty engineering mentor Harvey will aid you out all through your quest. He’s a one particular-eyed cyborg with a challenging previous who’ll instruct you the basic principles of running a sandship, completing goals, and defending your property from invading extraterrestrials. More helpful NPCs will pop up above time, which I’m sure will come as very a relief supplied your harsh environment and the complete murderous cult trouble.

Sandship is now offered for down load as a totally free-to-perform title from in excess of on the App Keep and Google Engage in. It surely appears like it’s going to please enthusiasts of the genre, and the developer’s past title, idle mining activity Deep Town, proved to be quite a hit.

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