It took cameraphones exactly one year to take the next step in their evolution, closing the gap on dedicated digicams even more. As usual we are here, carefully tracking the progress and checking out if it’s going in the right direction.

Samsung M8910 Pixon12 and the Sony Ericsson Satio are easily two of the most interesting phones in our database and their appeal is in no small part due to the 12 megapixel shooters that are mounted on their backs.

HTC Hero

Sony Ericsson Satio • Samsung M8910 Pixon12

Back in the day, Samsung INNOV8 was first to exceed even the most optimistic expectations producing photos of quality unknown to the GSM world before. We are now curious if the Satio and the Pixon12 will take another leap forward, to virtually null the difference in image quality between cameraphones and digicams.

Of course the answer to that question will come in the form of one of our trademark full-blown shootouts but until that’s finished we decided to give you some food for thought. We’ve posted several camera samples that we took with the retail units of Samsung M8910 Pixon12 and Sony Ericsson Satio for you to enjoy and compare.

12 megapixel shootout
12 megapixel shootout
12 megapixel shootout
12 megapixel shootout

The two competitors

For now we will refrain from passing any judgment on the image quality, leaving the stage to you instead. Feel free to drop a line in the comment section about which of the two cameras you like better.

So take a comfortable seat and prepare to meet the future of cameraphones. A host of 12 megapixel samples awaits after the jump.

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