In this Video, you would see UI Lags but it only happens when you are using Screen Recorder on Fyde OS 5.3dev so I had to use POCO F1 to shoot the Angry Birds 2 gameplay because it was lagging while using Screen Recorder
Fyde OS dev is the first Chromium Based OS to support Android Apps but at first it does not comes with Play Store but first you need to open Android Setting and Accept Permissions and then it asks you if you want Play Store [if you are out from ☭🇨🇳PRC (☭🇨🇳People’s Republic of China)] then if you press yes then it installs Play Store automatically
Build Used :- FydeOS_PC_v5.3dev.img

in Fyde OS 5.3dev based on Chromium OS 70 fixed 1000s of bugs which were present in 3.41dev
Bugs found by me in FydeOS_PC_v5.3dev.img

-Android Screen Recorder simply does not works

-Fyde OS Installer in Hard Disk available in Fyde OS Web Store is
little Buggy

-Most of the Screen Recorder available in Chrome Web Store lags while recording for eg Screencastify

-Can not create User Profile through Gmail because Google integration in Fyde OS had not been done yet because it is banned in ☭🇨🇳China

-Play Store icon does not appear in Chromium Launcher so use Nova Launcher to access it

-Running Asphalt 9 is a Nightmare but it’s maybe for my PC’s low specification also

-Playing 60FPS 1080p video in YouTube on default on Chromium browser lags a lot, I think it’s for Widevine and other stuff not integrated properly

-Find more bugs by yourself 🙂
Fyde OS is still made for China Specific Users so Website is in Chinese for now so use Translator in Google Chrome 🙁

Fyde OS Website Link:-

How to Install it to Hard Disk is here:-

I didn’t used the Fyde OS Installer available in Fyde OS Web Store because it’s little buggy

But now the OS Supports full Full English Language without any special modifications and way more stable and fast as CloudReady OS and much more usable than before 😀
Hardware used :- Lenovo G50-70 with Intel Core i3 4th Gen, 4GB Ram and with Integrated 128MB Intel Graphics on Hard Disk

Hardware Specific Bugs:-

-TouchPad is little unresponsive

-Bluetooth Heaphone diconnects after 30-40 Minutes

-On the First boot Wi-Fi was not turning ON but rebooting Fixed it