The Red Magic 5G Durability Check is here. Zack Nelson won’t be final when it arrives to some of the coolest and most attention-grabbing smartphones out there in the market place currently. The Purple Magic 5G cellular phone is a powerful gaming telephone that can make a even more impression with its cooling program. A developed-in inside cooling admirer tends to make it feasible so it’s some thing you really should think about for your cell gaming adventures. Nubia understands innovation and it’s normally been bold when it will come to smartphone layout and options and the Crimson Magic 5G is no diverse.

This phone passes the longevity test but with some difficulties. The glass scratches at the common level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. That is conventional for a mid-range to quality flagship devices.

Scratching in some parts of the phone truly leaves a mark but what is much more appealing is the display underneath some heat. It lasted 25 seconds less than the 6.6-inch AMOLED display, quickly leaving a mark. The screen did recover but right after some time.

Flexing the mobile phone from the back again and front does not do any injury. We’re truly a lot more curious about the crafted-in cooling program of the gaming telephone. That and the actuality the fingerprint screen sensor has stopped functioning. It is not clear when and how the display was afflicted but perhaps when it is being scratched.