Recently, PUBG determined to introduce bots in the video game, like there weren’t ample by now. This assertion from PUBG been given a large amount of detrimental suggestions because no participant feels excellent about the recreation when they’re combating bots. Nevertheless, that is not the situation with PUBG Lite, which has nearly zero bots.

PUBG Lite is a no cost-to-engage in variation of the activity for techniques with small requirements. Anything in PUBG Lite is related to the initial PUBG sport, besides the graphics, but that is comprehensible offered that it is the “Lite” edition of PUBG.

Not long ago, WackyJacky, a well known streamer, tried out PUBG Lite, pondering that he would discover a lot of bots roaming in Sanhok. On the other hand, to his surprise, he didn’t discover even a single bot in the recreation. He went on to choose 23 kills, and all of them have been genuine players. out?v=vN6KKRup-Ng

If WackyJacky was not plenty of, then a different common streamer, The Common Sniper, also had a very similar encounter with PUBG Lite. In a 10-moment-long PUBG Lite gameplay online video, The Typical Sniper clarifies how he intentionally enable his guard down towards other gamers thinking that they had been bots.

Throughout the match, every single one opponent The Ordinary Sniper encountered, provides him an insane sum of hurt, which is pretty not likely with bots. out?v=hFzH_LOaAYs

So, surprisingly, just like WackyJacky, The Normal Sniper didn’t uncover any bots in PUBG Lite either.

It is not a coincidence that two specialist streamers didn’t obtain any bots in PUBG Lite. It’s safe and sound to say that the builders are undertaking something to increase the sport.

Nonetheless, we simply cannot be absolutely confident until finally we encounter the exact same while enjoying PUBG Lite. And if this issue checks out, then perhaps it’s time to migrate from the first PUBG activity to PUBG Lite.