Nokia World 2010 has already started and we are reporting live from the event. We will be publishing the live photos and videos of the newly announced devices in this article along with our first impressions so make sure to keep an eye on it.

This year’s Nokia World 2010 started a few hours ago. Here’s a video from the grand opening:

The official announcements of the Nokia new business flagship – E7 and the mid-range touch-driven Nokia C7 and NokiaC6-01. All three new devices run on the Symbian^3 OS so unless we see another announcement tomorrow MeeGo fans will leave London disappointed.

The progress Nokia has made from the first Communicator to the E7 and the rest

As the Nokia Executive Vice President in charge of Nokia’s Mobile Solutions Anssi Vanjoki put it the new OS keeps the familiar interface but performs a lot better and adds plenty of new features. Well we will see about that soon, after we spend some quality time with each of the new phones.

A few photos to give you a feel of the Nokia World event

Oh and we’ll have a chance to check out that N8 monster of a cameraphone so there’s every reason for you to stay tuned. The first portion of live images follows after the break.

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