It is impractical, imperfect, overdone, striking, unique and beautifully crafted! Neonode N2 is loveable at first sight.

Generally, a handset is not manufactured until it has gone through an arduous period of development and maturing. OK, we said handset, not Neonode N2. The second Neonode kinda went straight into labors. You don’t believe it? The N2 was first mentioned on its main designer’s private blog. The note was even accompanied by an ultrasound image.

Ultrasound only revealed that the new-born was going to have rounded edges

So, an unusual device came to life in an unusual way. What’s more, we dare say that if there is one exceptional mobile in today’s uniform world at all, it must be the Neonode N2. The device is unique in so many ways, we must be extra careful not to overlook any of its unprecedented features: extraordinary body construction, simple and distinctive design, unprecedented pair of holes, unique interface featuring almost “extraterrestrial” navigation, and a calling system, which is so unusual, it’s almost funny.

Neonode N2 Neonode N2 Neonode N2Neonode N2
Neonode N2 Neonode N2 Neonode N2
Neonode N2 official photos

At first glance, the Neonode N2 specs sheet may seem rather dry and standard. It’s not until you have the device in your hand that you understand what this phone is really about. Neonode N2 is tiny, compact, and solid. At the same time, you’ll simply have to read the manual, its introduction at least. Otherwise, you won’t manage to even confirm your own PIN code.

Neonode N2 Neonode N2 Neonode N2 Neonode N2
Have you ever seen a handset with such holes? And have you ever seen a gadget so neat? It’s a phone after all, but they didn’t let the earpiece spoil the front view of the device.

Key features

  • Unique to the last inch
  • Great looks
  • Solid construction
  • Synchronizing options
  • Excellent headphones
  • Acceptable camera
  • Small size

Main disadvantages

  • Problematic universal port
  • No EDGE or 3G
  • No email
  • Limited 3-rd party applications compatibility

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