Press conference

The LG press conference at the start of MWC 2011 saw the official announcement of the Optimus 3D and Optimus Black smartphones and the 8.9″ tablet Optimus Tab.

The Optimus 3D and Tab are both boasting dual-core CPUs (though different in nature), while the Optimus Black introduced the new LG NOVA display, which should offer unmatched brightness and energy efficiency.

MWC booth

Of course we also stopped by the LG booth at the MWC itself, where we could spend some more quality time with the new devices.

LG at the MWC 2011
LG at the MWC 2011
LG at the MWC 2011
LG at the MWC 2011

The LG booth at MWC 2011

As you can see from the photos the new announcements generated quite a lot of interest. Still we managed to fight our way through the crowd and got our geeky hands on all of them.

Understandably, we started with the Optimus 3D. Join us after the break for a load of live images, a hands-on video and a real 3D video captured with its cameras. Plus we’ve got its impressive Quadrant benchmark performance.

If the 3D screen isn’t much to your taste feel free to skip directly to the Optimus Black hands-on or the LG Optimus Pad hands-on.

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