One of the pivotal announcements this MWC was without a doubt the new Windows Phone 7 OS. There are yet no devices made to support it, but we’ve got some shots of a prototype plus some lengthy presentation videos to feast your eyes on.

The Microsoft booth was one of the most visited places at the huge Barcelona Fair grounds. After yesterday’s announcement, the booth played a non-stop stream of live 30-minute presentations whole day.

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft booth at the MWC 2010 • live presentations ran whole day

The new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS was presented on a prototype. That phone won’t make it to the market and it has been created for demo purposes only. We bet however that some manufacturer (probably HTC) already has something similar in the pipeline.

Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 OS was presented on no-name prototype

Here’s the full 30-minute Microsoft presentation of the new Windows Phone 7 mobile OS. We’ve split that into four parts and we’ve compiled them into a playlist here (make sure you select 480p mode for better video quality):

In case you’re interested in our Windows Phone 7 OS scoop, you can check out our article in the GSMArena blog:
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