The Motorola Q 9h seems an interesting offer if you’re after a smartphone. There’s no stylus, nor touchscreen, and neither is likely to be missed. In return you get a full QWERTY keypad, almost complete data equipment and Windows Mobile 6 Standard. If you want a Windows Mobile gadget but are trying to steer clear of touchscreen displays, the Q 9h might just do the job for you.

Motorola Q 9h Motorola Q 9h Motorola Q 9h

Key features

  • UMTS including HSDPA
  • 512MB microSD card in the package
  • quality construction
  • perfect keyboard

Main disadvantages

  • no WiFi
  • system connector
  • middling camera

The Motorola Q9h has probably changed its name more times than Cher did facelifts. Interestingly enough, it’s still the same handset. The only exception is the Motorola Q9 Global sold exclusively by AT&T in US. It has one tiny difference and that is the integrated GPS receiver.

There are not that many Windows Mobile smartphones, and the few around get somewhat overshadowed by the PocketPCs, both in terms of price and functionality. (By the way, this seems the right place for a quick fact: latest smartphones use the Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, whereas PocketPCs run on Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. The most obvious difference is the touchscreen functionality, which the Windows Mobile Standard doesn’t support. To finish off our trivia update, the Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic is also around, used in devices without phone capabilities.)

Regardless of the name of the OS, smartphones are in high enough regard for the enhanced functionality and expandability they offer with extra features and applications. It’s also true that not all users would welcome touchscreen, let alone stylus. All that said, the rare combination of a full QWERTY keyboard and Windows Mobile without touchscreen makes the new Motorola an intriguing proposal.

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