Porsche Taycan might not have a assortment increased than Tesla Design 3 or its arch-rival the Product S. Nonetheless, the Porsche Taycan battery drain is so sluggish that it will not drain totally even if you leave it for far more than 5 a long time. It seems like a little bit of exaggeration but permit me clarify my level.

In terms of battery drain, Porsche is nine situations extra efficient than Tesla Product 3. The battery of Porsche Taycan drained only 1% all through a span of 22 times.

Bjorn Nyland, a YouTuber, uploaded a video on his channel detailing all the things about this test. Since Bjorn doesn’t have a Taycan, he instructed the operator to carry out the exam and record it. Beforehand, the YouTuber has also carried out a battery drain examination for the Tesla Design 3.

Bjorn is an electric car enthusiast and keeps on sharing stuff about electrical cars.

Bjorn guided the proprietor to cost his Porsche Taycan up to 90% and to depart it for 22 days. The owner then checked his car or truck a pair of instances all through this time time period. Here’s almost everything you need to know about what occurred.

Much better Than Tesla Product 3: Porsche Taycan Battery Drain Is 1% In 22 Days


On 16th April 2020, the proprietor of Porsche Taycan billed his automobile up to 90% battery with an electric variety of 324 km. Following that, he turned off the checking app as very well as his car or truck.

On the 10th day on 26th April when the owner turned his vehicle ON, the battery was reduced to 89% but with the exact 324 km battery vary. The operator explained the one particular p.c battery may perhaps be eaten upon the activation of air suspension when the auto starts off.

The proprietor all over again checked after 15 times and the vehicle was nevertheless at 89% with a 1 km fall in the electric powered selection. He repeated the treatment until eventually it reached 22 times.

Lastly, following 22 days when he checked in on 8th May perhaps 2020, the Porsche Taycan battery was even now at 89%. However, the vary was lessened to 321 km. It’s in all probability due to the fact the odometer reveals the battery proportion only in integers and the assortment lowers as in conditions of kilometers traveled.

Right after carrying out a bunch of calculations, Bjorn described that for 22 times the Porsche Taycan experienced eaten 1.52W only.

On the other hand, Tesla Model 3 eaten 10% of its battery with a full use of 13.3W in the very same time time period. If we review both then the Product 3 battery drain is way greater. It’s practically 9 times that of Taycan.

Porsche Taycan Battery Drain_ More efficient than Tesla

At very first, we assumed that possibly for the reason that of sentry mode the usage price was increased in Tesla Product 3. Having said that, every thing like the sentry manner was off.

On top of that, Bjorn said in the movie that his old Product X that didn’t have sentry method has an even larger draining amount.

Final Feelings

Porsche Taycan Battery Drain_ More efficient than Tesla (1)

Bjorn stated that it is some thing connected to the laptop or computer components of the Tesla. The laptop or computer must be operating or jogging some program even though it was turned off that led to the consumption of the battery.

Nevertheless, Porsche Taycan also responded to wakeup calls whilst it was off. So it’s far more about the query of optimization.

We really do not know what precisely is draining the battery of Tesla Design 3 when it is not functioning. We can only recommend Tesla and its engineers seem into the matter and see if there’s an challenge that needs fixing.

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