Our iPhone SE 2020 Giveaway has ended! Congrats to our winner Elliott Kinsey!

Don’t let the price and small package fool you—the iPhoneSE 2020 is a powerful phone that punches well above its weight. And since nobody told us that we couldn’t take apart two iPhones at once, that’s exactly what we did! We’re examining the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE in a quick side-by-side comparison before we move onto our full teardown next week. Spoiler alert: this is more than just an iPhone 8 with iPhone 11 brains, but you’ll have to watch to see why!

Since teardowns in quarantine take a little longer than normal, we thought we’d give away an iPhone SE to thank you for stickin’ with us. (Don’t worry, it’s not our teardown unit!)

Speaking of our full step-by-step teardown, you can view that on Monday here: https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone+SE+2020+Teardown/133066

And if you want to do your own teardown, here are all the tools we used to take apart the iPhone SE:

As always, a big thanks to Creative Electron for providing us with awesome X-Rays:

By The Numbers
0:14 Creative Electron X-rays
0:35 Opening the iPhone SE
0:49 Side by Side Comparison with iPhone 8
0:58 Display Removal
1:11 The New Battery Connector
1:54 Display Comparison
2:09 Camera Removal

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