Pricing for this year’s iPhone 12 lineup with smaller notches has leaked, and it actually looks halfway decent. The Apple Watch Series 6 is said to include new mental health features, a S6 processor, sleep tracking and more. There is a big dispute over when the next version of AirPods are launching. And a 23-inch iMac (likely with slimmer bezels) is coming later this year alongside a new 11-inch iPad.

Mental health resources:
Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Mental health hotline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
National Institute of Mental Health site:
Find a therapist :):

New features in iOS 13.5:
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iPhone case:
Video gear:

Thumbnail iPhone 12 render by Jonas Daehnert:
Additional iPhone 12 renders by Ben Geskin:
iPhone 12 renders by EverythingApplePro:
iPhone 12 lineup pricing:
Jon Prosser says new AirPods are “ready to go”:
DigiTimes predicts new AirPods Pro w/o noise cancellation for as early as later this year:
Kuo issues 2021-2022 AirPods 3/Pro guidance respectively:
New 23-inch iMac and 11-inch iPad coming in the second half of 2020:
Absolutely amazing iMac concept:

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