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Introducing the Super Simple App for iOS! All of your favorite Super Simple Songs and shows in a fun, easy-to-use app! This subscription-based app is completely ad-free and safe for little learners because it’s only the Super Simple content you know and trust. You can even save content for offline viewing so you can use the app on the go.

“What is included in the app?”
Our best Super Simple content, including Super Simple Songs, Sing Along With Tobee, Carl’s Car Wash, The Bumble Nums, Finley’s Factory, Turn & Learn ABCs, Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates, Pratfall ABCs, Captain Monsterica and the Purple Protector, Super Simple Draw, and Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic. And we’ll be adding more content all the time!

“How about an Android version?”
We working hard on an Android version of the app but it will be a little while. In the meantime, although new Super Simple videos will premiere in the app, you’ll still be able to watch most Super Simple videos right here on YouTube at a later date.

Download the Super Simple App for iPhone and iPad today and get a free 7-day trial!