Use Skype on Android. Use Skype for Android. This tutorial is compatible with any Android device, so you can use Skype on Samsung devices, use Skype on Huawei devices, use Skype on Nokia devices, use Skype on LG devices.

So if you wish to Skype on Android follow this step by step tutorial. In this video I will show you how to use Skype on Android

Index video
00:00 Overview of topics
00:27 Installing Skype
01:00 Creating an account
03:28 Controls on the main screen
04:08 Profile setup
06:55 Adding contacts
08:07 Calling contacts (videoaudio)
08:53 Call controls
10:14 Conference call (aka group chat)
12:23 Screen sharing

I will start by showing you how to install Skype for Android. Then we will create a new account on Skype for Android and check all settings that we can use. And then we will see how we can call somebody and share the screen on Skype for Android.

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