Just one of the key explanations that wired headphones generally refuse to work is simply because folks just you should not know how to clean headphone jack. Not to mention that it can also be weakened.

That is why we made the decision to demonstrate you how to do it appropriately and safely. With out any further ado, let us get appropriate into it!


You happen to be adhering to this information at your personal duty. Updato is not going to be held accountable for any damages that you may perhaps conclusion up leading to to the cell phone/tablet.

And make no mistake. If you happen to be not cautious or if you get the erroneous product, then harming a headphone jack (Or even the cellular phone) is completely feasible.

With that out of the way, permit us shift on!

1: How to Cleanse Headphone Jack With Cotton Swabs

Cotton Swabs are low-cost when they can also be located at any residence and they can get the task completed.

Nevertheless, not all Cotton Swabs are ideal. We would propose wanting for something that has little suggestions so that you can be able to effortlessly suit it into the headphone jack.

If the recommendations are too fluffy/huge, you may well close up pushing any filth and particles further more into the port alternatively of taking away it.

So, soon after receiving Cotton Swabs that are at the proper sizing, all you have to do is:

  1. Get a person and twist its tip a bit so that it will easily suit in
  2. Place it into the jack
  3. Then start moving it about in circles to clean up the port

If you feel like there is also considerably grime/particles in there, you could also attempt applying some Rubbing Alcohol as very well. Just be very careful not to implement also significantly – we never want to soak the Swabs.

That goes without the need of declaring, but make positive to turn off the cellular phone prior to inserting the wet Swab inside of. Preferably, you really should choose out the battery as far too – if you might be fortunate adequate to still have a mobile phone with a detachable a person.

Other than that, try out to get a little something that is made up of at the very least 70% liquor. If you can go earlier mentioned 90%, then that would be the excellent selection.

Little amounts of Isopropyl evaporate pretty much promptly. So, you shouldn’t have any troubles. But, once more, do recall to transform off the system and/or take away the battery – just to be protected. Also, wait for a while right up until every thing dries off.

2: How to Thoroughly clean Headphone Jack With Compressed Air Cans

How to clean headphone jack

Compressed air can be made use of to clean up a variety of various electronics – from computer systems and Laptop peripherals to smartphones and tablets. Just after all, it is really known as a compressed air can – not a compressed air are unable to (Sorry, not sorry).

All you have to do is:

  1. Invest in a compressed air can from your regional keep (They are affordable and can frequently be identified in laptop or computer and digital stores)
  2. Convert off your mobile phone – just to be safe
  3. Attach the nozzle to the can
  4. Place it towards the headphone jack
  5. And blow on it a couple of occasions

Make confident to only blow in limited intervals and prevent working with the can upside down. Normally, you could close up turning the gasses into liquid and we you should not want that.

Also, do hold in thoughts that compressed air just isn’t basically air.

Most compressed air cans typically have tetrafluoroethane or Difluoroethane. And it possibly goes with no indicating, but you really should likely keep away from inhaling this sort of gasses.

Continue to, with all that staying mentioned, compressed air is 1 of the most secure strategies to clear your headphone jack. But, it really is mainly created for blowing away dust. If you really feel like you will find as well significantly debris on the 3.5 port, think about relying on the Swabs and liquor as a substitute.

3: Use an Interdental Brush

As the identify suggests, Interdental Brushes are actually intended to be utilised for taking treatment of our teeth. But, they also make for excellent headphone jack cleaners.

How to clean headphone jack

The method of working with an Interdental Brush to clean up a headphone jack is extra or much less the identical with the Cotton Swabs. Just:

  1. Obtain an Interdental Brush (You ought to likely be able to discover a single at your neighborhood pharmacy or on the internet – if you’re willing to wait around for the shipping and delivery)
  2. Switch off your cell phone and take out the battery if feasible
  3. Dip the brush into a bit of rubbing liquor (At the very least 70%. 90% or additional is better). Really don’t soak the brush – just get it a little bit wet
  4. Place it in – and be mild. Make tiny clockwise and counter-clockwise movements to clear extensively

And that’s as easy as it gets. If the port is soaked following you might be done, then undoubtedly wait around right up until it dries off 1st. We really don’t want to quick nearly anything.

Isopropyl alcoholic beverages alone just isn’t conductive. But, most of us can not get our fingers on some thing that is additional than 96% pure. So, even that remaining 4% can be worrying – nevermind 30. So, just be watchful with that.

Headphone Jack Nevertheless Not Functioning?

If you arrived listed here to repair a defective headphone jack, followed everything that we outlined, but however won’t be able to get it to get the job done, then there is a opportunity that you are either not working with a hardware issue, or that the port is now beyond saving.

If your problem is application-related, then check out out our other guideline on how to repair a headphone jack that’s not doing work. When it comes to 3.5 mm port problems, there is very much more to it than what fulfills the eye. So, unquestionably check out our very little post on that and you can hopefully obtain a correct.

But, if the difficulty is hardware-associated, then possibilities are that the port is beyond saving.

Contrary to with desktops or even laptops, fixing an individual aspect on a smartphone is pretty hard. Or in some conditions, just about unachievable.

That is generally because of to the simple fact that most mobile phone areas can’t be taken out and changed. And even when they can, you might will need a quite certain section that only performs with certain products and that is challenging to get your hands on.

You can try out your luck by viewing the regional tech/restore store. But, never get your hopes up.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. With any luck ,, our minor information helped you clear your headphone jack extensively and safely and securely. If you went wherever completely wrong and ended up detrimental one thing, enable the many others know so that they will keep away from making the exact same error.

Be specifically careful with the brush and the liquor so that you will not likely problems or limited just about anything.

Feel like we forgot to point out anything important? Got something erroneous? Then enable us and anyone else know about it in the opinions area down under!

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