What would be a fantastic way for Google to eventually drop the Pixel 4a on us and steal again some of the spotlight from Apple’s new Iphone SE? Pricing beneath the SE and likely nuts on the storage may aid.

In accordance to a rumor from 9to5Google, Google may do the two of individuals matters by introducing the Pixel 4a with 128GB storage and a starting off cost of $349. That would be a substantial go by Google, earning its “a” line an even superior worth than it was with the 3a.

Former rumors instructed that the Pixel 4a would get there at $399 and with 64GB storage to start off. There was considered all-around the plan of a 128GB design as an upgrade that would elevate the selling price. Really should this be true, does that indicate we are searching at a solitary Pixel 4a product (128GB for $349) with no alternatives to enhance in dimensions or storage?

Previous 12 months, with the Pixel 3a, we experienced regular and XL variants that only showcased a single storage amount and an $80 distinction amongst measurements. The smallest version started out at $399, so I think we all type of assumed Google would return to that cost position. But with the Apple iphone SE coming in wild af, it’s possible Google has resolved on a past moment modify to much better contend?

At $349 and with 128GB storage, FHD display with gap punch, 6GB RAM, 3000mAh battery, Pixel-stage digicam, and a fingerprint reader, are we speaking about besting the Apple iphone SE in file time? Write the headlines, individuals.