This video shows you how to connect your iPhone to a TomTom GO 520 with Wi-Fi, TomTom GO 620 with Wi-Fi, TomTom GO 6200 with Wi-Fi or TomTom GO 5200 with Wi-Fi for data, hands-free, and smartphone messages.

If you connect your phone to your navigation device, you can use these three features:
– Feature 1: TomTom Services:
You can receive real-time traffic information, speed camera updates and MyDrive using your phone’s data connection. This feature uses approximately 7 MB of data per month.
Please Note: This feature is for Smartphone Connected devices only. All other devices receive services using the built-in SIM.
– Feature 2: Hands-free calls:
You can receive and make calls on your navigation device and get full access to your phone’s personal assistant, Siri.

– Feature 3: Smartphone messages:
You can receive SMS and messages from other smartphone apps on your navigation device. Messages can be read aloud so you can keep your eyes on the road.

You can connect your iPhone to your navigation device either with or without the MyDrive app. To take advantage of these three features, we recommend that you connect using the MyDrive app. If you choose to connect without the app, you won’t have access to the smartphone messages feature. You also won’t have access to TomTom Services unless your mobile phone service provider allows Personal Hotspot or Bluetooth Tethering.

You can download the MyDrive app on the App Store:

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