The Lexis Audio Editor is a free, full-featured audio editor for iOS which helps you edit and add effects to your audio files quickly and easily, right on your iPhone or iPad.

DOWNLOAD Lexis Audio Editor here:

In this video, I provide a complete guide to ALL the features available for FREE in Lexis Audio Editor, so you can get up and running with the amazing app.

In this video, we cover how to:
01:33 Navigate around the interface
01:58 Open an audio file
02:42 Send files from another app
03:30 Record an audio file
04:38 Use the NORMALIZE effect
05:00 Use the REVERSE effect
05:40 Set MARKERS for in and out
06:28 FADE IN and FADE OUT
07:52 ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT
09:01 Add SILENCE
10:28 TRIM the start and end of a clip
12:02 Adjust the SPEED
13:20 Adjust the PITCH
14:25 Adjust the TEMPO
15:22 Use the NOISE REDUCTION effect
15:53 Use the COMPRESSOR
16:23 Use the EQ and AMPLIFIER
17:01 Use the ECHO, REVERB and VOCODER effects
19:56 MUTE the left of right channels
20:26 CONVERT stereo to mono
21:12 SHARE and SAVE your audio file

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