Learn How To Place Admob Banner Ads And Interstitial Ads In Your Android Application | Android Studio.Tutorial For Beginners

– The Android Studio tutorial is designed to show “How to Place
Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads in your Android Application if you
are looking to earn revenue from your apps.

– In this tutorial, you will see implementation of Banner and
Interstitial Ads where we’ll be using Google Admob Test App Id,
Test Banner Id and Test Interstitial Id. You can get the sample Id
here – https://developers.google.com/admob/android/test-ads

– Go to this link to generate ur app id and unit id
(i) Create a new App by giving the package name of the app you
want to integrate AdMob.
(ii) When the App is created, you can find APP ID on the
dashboard whose format is like ca-app-pub-
(iii) Select the newly created App and click on Add Ad Unit
button to create a new ad unit for your ads.
(iv) Select ad format and write a name for ad unit.
(v) Your Ad unit will have format like this- ca-app-pub-

5. Once the ad unit is created, you can notice the Ad unit ID on the dashboard. An example of ad unit id look like ca-app-pub-066XXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXXXX

– This project is very simple to implement and has very simple

1. Add Gradle dependency in Build.Gradle (App)
2. Add Adview in Activity_main.xml file
3. Also add AdUnit Id and Adsize (refer the tutorial carefully)
4. Put all your Id in String.xml file.
5. Create a class and extend with Application class, Inside
onCreate function Just initialize your admob app id.
6. In MainActivity.java file, create AdRequest and pass the adview.
7. Interstitial ads doesn’t require any view to be added in its xml
layout. Just modify the MainActivity class as shown in the
tutorial and don’t forget to add listener ( we need to specify some
event to display interstitial ads )

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