Checkra1n Windows iOS 13 Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1 | Install Checkra1n Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1 Windows! Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1 & Jailbreak iOS 13.4 – iOS 13 easily using Checkra1n Windows! Wubi enables easy Checkra1n Windows installation, meaning you can easily iOS 13 Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1 without the need of a MacOS computer! Checkra1n Linux iOS 13.4.1 Jailbreak iOS 13.4 does have some bugs, however this Jailbreak iOS 13 Windows Checkra1n tutorial will cover how to fix all bugs when installing Checkra1n on Windows!

Wubi allows you to install Checkra1n Windows, meaning you can Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1. Wubi enables you to boot into linux, WITHOUT a USB flash drive or SD Card! This means to install Checkra1n Windows & Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1, you only need your Windows PC & supported iPhone or iPad! Jailbreaking in 2020 has become so easy, so if you want to Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1, iOS 13.4 – iOS 13, start NOW by following this Checkra1n Windows tutorial!

Time Stamps:
Wubi “Cannot download metalink and therefore the ISO” Use THIS to fix:
Unable to drag Checkra1n to home screen: 14:25
Checkra1n Error -77: 16:25
Unsupported iOS error: 17:18
iPhone NOT entering recovery mode: 17:48
Failed to enter DFU Mode: Try again/use another USB cable
Stuck on “right before trigger (this is the real bug setup)” 18:46
Why did my Jailbreak disappear/Cydia Crashing? 20:28
Checkra1n -80 error: reload Checkra1n app
Any other error: reload Checkra1n/restart iPhone/iPad & try again

Checkra1n MacOS:
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