We have just concluded a huge overhaul of the website that tends to make it run
smoother, manage translations greater, and it substantially less difficult to build and
personalize. The complete process was updated to operate in Debian/buster using only
Debian packages, even though maintaining the common Ruby techniques doing work. That can make
it uncomplicated for non-Ruby developers to bounce in and boost this web site. There is
an overhaul of the Markdown translation workflow, so it should be a ton
less complicated to translate the web pages, docs, and posts. To hightlight that, the
base right of just about every translatable page will now show “Translate on Weblate”,
click on that to go straight to translating. A further large change is the new
“Apps” area which is now arranged by the identical groups as the Android
customer app.

This incorporates contributions from @uniqx,
@webdev4, @moasda,
@meskobalazs, and of system the tireless