Seriously Apple? This clear case is just so…bad. It’s been a week with this case and I’m SO GLAD to take it off my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Now I’ve seen a lot of cases over the years and when it comes to bad cases, the bar has been set pretty low. I think the worst cases in my my gigantic collection of cases are the ones from Olixar. They straight up bought cheap cases from AliBaba, and resold them as premium priced cases. The Apple Clear Case is a tiny notch above that.

Out of the 200 cases I’ve ranked for the iPhone’s, the Apple clear case sits around 190. If you want to know what I think are the Top 10 Cases are right now, check out:

Now I don’t mind the Apple Silicone cases as a thin case. It handles well and the colors generally go well with the color of your phone. Their smart battery case is pretty great as well because it just works.. The leather cases weren’t too bad either if you were willing to spend way too much money on them.

Apple’s newest clear case? Just so bad. BUT like any other review I do, here are the specifics of this product. I’ll give you a couple of alternatives at the the end of the video. If you want to know what I think are the current Top cases for the iPhone 11’s, check out the video in the cards.

When it comes to design, the Apple clear case is a solid piece of polycarbonate. So it’s incredibly smooth and clear. It’s one of the slimmer cases I’ve used over the last few months and the edge is thick enough to accommodate a glass screen protector.

The Apple clear case fits your iPhone quite tightly and only had a tiny spot for the case looked “wet”. This clear poly carbonate case slides around like nobody’s business on BOTH sides. And as you guessed, the handling of the case is incredibly slick. It feels like I’ve WD-40’d my hands when I use this clear case.

And with any clear case, fingerprinting is going to be an issue which makes no sense what so ever, especially when you’re getting this case in conjunction with the 11 Pro’s and their frosted back. The one thing I like about the backs of the 11 Pro’s is that minimizes fingerprinting. The backs are almost like a throwback to the old iPhone 7 finishes. BUT none of that matters if you slap this fingerprint magnet of a case onto your device.

When it comes to protection, the Clear Case isn’t dropped rated to anything so my guess is 4ft at a minimum. The edge of the case is high enough to accommodate a screen protector and the case fits tightly enough that dust shouldn’t be an issue.

In terms of accessing your iPhone, the buttons on the Apple Clear Case are tough to use. That’s right, instead of a nice click that you get from the Apple Silicone case, you get to finger punch your iPhone every time you want to put it to sleep..

There are no issues with the screen functionality and the camera access is fine THOUGH I’m surprised that Apple doesn’t have a semi-gloss black coating around the cutout, as per their own guidelines, to minimize light bouncing back into the camera.

That’s the Clear Case by Apple. A clear fail in my opinion.

My biggest issue with the Apple Clear Case is that you aren’t getting much for what you pay for. At $40 USD or $55 for where I’m at, you get a below average case. At least with the Silicone case, the buttons aren’t a big hassle. At least with the Silicone case, there aren’t too many copycat cases. At least with the Silicone case, you can actually hold onto your iPhone. At least with the silicone case, you can use your iPhone well.

BUT with the Clear Case, you get none of that. I’d personally take ANY clear Spigen Case over this Apple product, I’d take a Tech 21 Pure clear, a ballistic jewel, even an Otterbox Symmetry.

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