Our Android Development online course facilitates and boosts your journey right from the fundamentals of UI to building a full-fledged Android app. This online course by Coding Blocks with over 100 recorded videos and 5 live webinars, covers the concepts such as UI design, firebase & push notifications, hardware sensors, networking, and databases. With 24×7 doubt clearing support and regular assignments & evaluations, the students through this online android development course within no time learn to integrate the most commonly used third-party libraries such as Google Maps, REST APIs etc. to make powerful and interactive applications. Although good command over concepts such as OOPs, stacks, queues, and lists would come handy, even if the students do not possess prior knowledge about them, we shall help them cover every topic in detail before getting into Android. These online Android Development classes will be covered in both – Java and Kotlin, together with the recently launched Android Jetpack framework.

• Extensive coverage of end to end mobile development.
• Project-Based Learning Approach
• Lessons on Deploying your Application
• Basics & Advanced Topics for Interviews
• Expert Doubt Support

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Coding Blocks India’s best Programming and software training institute offers courses like C++ and Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, Web and Android Development(Java and Kotlin), Competitive Programming, Coding Interview Preparation and Machine Learning, AI and more. Registration open for Online and Offline Coding classes.Take advantage of the professionals who have worked with bigwigs like Sony, Cyanogen, Micromax.

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