Chuchel, the acclaimed comedy adventure video game from Amanita Design and style, is currently a lot less than half price on Google Engage in. 

Unveiled in 2018, Chuchel is a actually bizarre activity in which your aim is to assistance a black, bushy, delighted ball get a juicy pink cherry. Whenever Chuchel will get near, the cherry is snatched from his grasp, by a translucent monster, or a large hand, or whatever.

Like all of Amanita’s experience games, Chuchel has a unique art design and style and a high degree of polish. It is truly amusing, also, in a surreal but common way, and its puzzles all make sense intuitively despite actually generating no sense by any means.

You can choose up Chuchel for $1.99 ideal now, and as a unique address the similarly fantastic Machinarium is also on sale at the similar selling price.