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Simption School Software is a trusted brand for School Management Software, We have already over 500 happy Schools. we are truly working in 10 states including metro cities. We have a dedicated team of 50 members for school support and service which makes the schools more confident for their management. Over 55 vendors working for us with the support team. Simption is not limited to up to private schools, dealing with Govt Schools also such as MODEL SCHOOL, EXCELLENCE SCHOOLS. Our aim is not to run the software in schools we are to provide a SIMple soluTION for Schools.

Introduction of Simption Tech Pvt Ltd School Management Software :
Improtant Panel:
Student Panel:
Staff Panel:
Enquiry Panel:
Attendance Panel:
RFID Card Attendance System:
Account Panel Details:
Account Panel:
Dues Panel:
Panelty Panel:
Academic Panel:
Certificate Panel:
Examination Panel:
Homework Panel:
Set Paper:
Service and Management Panel:
Gallery Panel:
SMS panel:
Time Table Panel:
Event Sport Panel:
Backup And Other Panel:
Download Recycle Bin Panel:
School Info:
Add on and Premium Panel:
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